8 Super Inspiring Biographies of All Time

8 Super Inspiring Biographies of All Time

Charles W. Eliot the president of Harvard University once said :

“Books are the quietest and most constant of friends; they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers.”

Charles W. Eliot

Books are man’s best friends and the Authors are their best mentors. You can get the experience of one’s life in just a few pages of a book. Especially biographies you can get insights into a person’s life as you are watching his movie. You can learn from their mistakes, achievements, and can make your life better and more thriving.

So Why should we wait for all that knowledge is waiting for you to go and get it? Here are the top 8 picks on super inspiring biographies of all time. Do comment which one you like the most and why ??

1: Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson

Biogaphies 1: Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs

The story of Steve Jobs is like a roller coaster ride. In particular, This book gave the answer How a dreamer can change the world ?. Steve Jobs biography is the first book I have ever read, It made me really excited. This is my personal recommendation for anyone who wants to do something big, something entrepreneurial.

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2: Shoe Dog by Phil Night

Biogaphies 1: Shoe Night
Shoe Dog

Shoe Dog is the story of the most classy brand in the world Nike. It explains Phil Knight’s journey, from the times when he was just a young boy, lost and with no idea what to do with his life until he built the giant sports brand that we know today as Nike. It is one of the best biographies for every student out there.

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3: Elon Musk by Ashlee Vance

Biogaphies 3: Elon Musk
Elon Musk

If I ask you what version of the future would you like? The one where the earth is destroyed by gracious human deeds or The other where we travel to different planets and become an interplanetary species. Well If you are excited by the second version of the future then you will be more excited by the story of the man that is making it happen. Elon Musk is the real-life Iron Man. In one of his interviews, Robert Downet Jr said that the character of Tony Stark is inspired by Elon Musk. Elon is the inspiration for every student who wants to make it big in life. His biography is a must-read for everyone. One of the most bold biographies ever written on innovation.

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4) The Everything Store by Brad Stone

Biogaphies 4: The Everything Store
The Everything Store

Brad Stone’s book The Everything Store follows the story about the rise of Amazon and How Jeff Bezos changes the way we shop and consume content from movies to songs. In short, It is the story of a crazy innovator who started at 30 and made one of the biggest companies ever existed in human history.

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5) The Wizard of Menlo Park by Randall E. Stross

Biogaphies 5 : The Wizard of Menlo Park
The Wizard of Menlo Park

Today Youth is really impatient and wants things fast that’s why when we don’t see any results or we fail one or two times in a task we decided to give up and find something else. What If I tell you There was a man who failed 10000 times and never give up. But When he succeeds he changed the world with his inventions. This book tells the story Thomas Alva Edison: The Greatest Inventor the world ever has seen.

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6) Benjamin Franklin by Walter Issacson

 Biographies 6 : Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin

Mr. Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding members of the United States of Nation and He was also one of the greatest inventors of his time. Furthermore, He was a street boy who went on to do the things no one could have ever imagine. Elon Musk claimed in one of his interviews that Benjamin Franklin was one of his greatest heroes. He also recommends this book to every student out there. For More Info :

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7) My Experiment With Truth by Mahatma Gandhi

Biogaphies 7 :My Experiment With Truth
My Experiment With Truth

This book is the autobiography of most powerful men ever lived. The story of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was quite inspirational, Gandhi was the most powerful men in terms of his follower base, He had 200 million followers but that’s not why he was powerful It was because he had the capability to unite the minds of 200 million people for a common purpose that is Independence of India. Above all, If you think that’s not a great deal unite only two people for a common purpose for a given period of time. You will know the difference.

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8) Wings Of Fire by APJ Abdul Kalam

Biogaphies 8 : Wings Of Fire
Wings Of Fire

Apj Abdul Kalam was one of the most generous personality of India. Wings Of Fire is the story of his life how a Muslim kid from a small town in Ramanujan went on to become the Missile Man of India. He was a great scientist, teacher, and the most generous president of India. It is one of the best biographies ever written. He was not a so-called billioniare, He lives a simple life but his work inspired the young generation even after so many years of his death. In one line APJ Abdul was People’s Man that no Indian could ever forget.

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