September 24, 2020

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3 Books To Improve Your Focus and Increase Grounding

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Innovator Dillema

I watched one of the beer biceps videos in which Ranveer bhaiya talks about to improve your focus you have to increase your grounding and I thought If I meditate and consume content whether books or videos related to my needs and requirements, It helps me become more focused. Trying it from tomorrow here are three books I that came up with hope it helps-

1) The One Thing

Who should read it ?

If you have a problem or feel confused about choosing one thing to focus on from thousands one then this book will be very helpful. They say it helps those with less attention span and focus on one thing.

According to the writer People have so many things on their life that matters to them nut one of them has the power to change a person’s life. And this book is about that one thing

2) Eat That Frog

Who should read it ?

Eat That Frog is written by Brain Tracy. One of the best books ever written on procrastination. It means what is promotion is telling you. This book reviews suppose if you have to meet 25-30 then Read this book.

2) The Compound Effect

Who should read it ?

If somehow the small change can affect me and my long term banana. The books are a milestone. It explains How small choices affect us and also how we can too make choices

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