September 28, 2020


3 Must Watch Movies For Every Aspiring Entrepreneur

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Movies are the great source of inspiration, It can give shape to your dreams. Many would like you to become entrepreneurs but not many know how it’s like to be one these movies can fill this gap for you and also inspire you at the same time. But remember sometimes whatever shown in movies is not related to the reality that’s why apart from movies read books, listen to podcasts or watch interviews, etc. Still in this post, we will start with the top 3 Must Watch MOVIES for entrepreneur –

3 Must Watch Movies For Every Entrepreneur

1) The Social Network

The Social Network is about the story of Mark Zuckerberg and how he built the biggest social network in the world of Facebook. If you are a young entrepreneur watch this and start something with your friends while you are still in college. And If you need a clear vision of how to do it watch this movie.

2) The Founder

If you are in the ’30s,40’s or ’50s, and thinking it’s too late to start a company you can take a page from Ray Kroc’s book who is the founder of McDonald’s which he started at the age of 52. Now the biggest fast-food restaurant chain in the entire world. This movie is quite inspirational, It’s about the hard choices and dilemma you face when you run after your dream. A must watch for everyone especially for those who are above 30.

3) The Pursuit of Happyness

No matter what career you pursue you will always have to go through tough times in your life but remember in the end happiness is waiting for you your success is waiting for you just keep going. The Pursuit of Happiness is a true story about a father who is doing what he can to survive financially and take care of his son’s needs. The story is quite emotional it is one of my favorite movies it will provide you the strength to face any problems. It is one of the must-watch movies for entrepreneur.

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