Food Comes Home: Zomato Journey To Success

Food Comes Home: Zomato Journey To Success

Zomato is the hottest startup right now in the Indian StartUp Industry. It completely disrupts the food industry for better or worse. Started by two IIT Delhi Graduates Pankaj Chaddah & Deepinder Goyal in Delhi now Zomato serves even beyond India, More and more Indian restaurants are partnering with Zomato and from almost all offerings Zomato has revenue of 1,530 crores INR.

The journey was not easy for Zomato but the reward is worth the effort.

How it all begin?

Zomato Success Story

Pankaj Chaddah & Deepinder Goyal were graduates of IIT Delhi and working as an employee for  Bain & Co. In their office, they saw people waiting in line just to acquire a flash of the menu card that’s where they got the idea to solve this problem. They started the website called Foddiebay, which has a collection of menus from all the restaurants. Foodieway starts giving their services in Delhi and soon expanded to cities like Mumbai and Delhi.

Zomato’s Origin

Soon after time, Foodieway gained huge popularity and Foodieway decided to expand internationally. The name foodie way is similar to eBay that’s why This name’s inspiration comes from Hindi vegetable “Tomato”.


After gaining success really fast and decided to bought innovation to the restaurant industry, Zomato requires serious funding. The founder of the notable job search engine Naukri Sanjeev Bikhchandani and other big investors was fascinated by Zomato.

Struggle and Success

Even after all it’s success and funding in 2014 Zomato was going through losses as a lot of people can’t use its website due to slow and bad internet. Still, the company keeps surviving and It got it’s a major breakthrough when JIO changed the whole telecom industries in India. After Jio net spped and it’s mobile app launch Zomato’s revenue skyrocketed. It’s still growing but as of 2020 it’s revenue is 1530 crores.

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