September 28, 2020


Must-Read Books For College Students

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College is the best time to explore yourselves and interact with others. You can watch any movie and show you want but it is also a time where you should make some good habits for life like reading or maybe workout. We will take the reading in this post. The books we choose surely help at some point in life. Hope you will find it helpful. So here are the top 3 must-have books for every college student – Make sure to add it to the list of your to-read or college student books.

Must Have Books for College Student- College Student Books

1) Alchemist

Alchemist is a fictional written by Paulo Coelho. This book follows the story of a shepherd who wants to obtain the treasure, The book is the story of his adventures and learning which taught some valuable life-lessons. If you are a beginner this book is a great one to start with and build your reading habits. I will not give you any other spoiler about the books just read it and find out.

2) Ego is the enemy

The book Ego is the Enemy is written by Ryan Holiday. He is an American writer and marketers whose net worth is 1-5 million dollars. Apart from that, he is a renowned author who wrote many successful books which include Ego is the Enemy, Stillness is the key, etc. Well, Ego is the Enemy is mostly about why ego is bad for you and how to free yourself from it.

3) The Last Lecture

The last lecture books hold the story of Randy Pausch a professor at Carnegie Melon University. He got infected with pancreatic cancer but still, he always had a smile on his face. Randy gave a lecture as apart of last-lecture series in which professors are told to gave this lecture as the last lecture before your death, your legacy. Sadly It was true for Randy, It was his real last lecture. The book holds all the learning about Randy’s life. It will make you laugh, cry, happy, sad, and much more. Randy was a true hero you can watch his lecture here :

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