September 28, 2020


Rich Dad Poor Dad-Review

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rich dad poor dad review
rich dad poor dad
rich dad poor dad ,

If I tell you everything we learn about money from our schools and our parents is nothing but a big myth. The truth is something else, something interesting, something you can learn and become wealthy. Rober Kiyosaki tells us about the different perspectives of Rich and Poor on money. If you learn to think like rich people, you are halfway there. Rich Dad Poor Dad will teach you six lessons about money that will help you in accumulating wealth. So Without waiting let’s dig into six lessons on how rich actually thinks about money.

Lesson-1: The Rich Don’t Work For Money

Rich people can make money while they sleep while poor people only get money for the time they work. Because rich know how to make money work for them instead of working for money. They never let desire or fear control their choices. Rich people focus on long term wealth rather than short term riches. They build processes by which they can even make money when they are not working.

Lesson-2: Why Teach Financial Literacy

Rich people are rich because they know how the game of money works. They know where to invest their money and how to get a return from it. In short, Rich are financially literate people. Rich Dad Poor Dad teaches us the difference between an asset and a liability. This is the most basics of financial literacy that should be taught at schools and colleges.

Lesson-3: Mind Your Own Business

No Matter in what profession you belong, you must own a business. In particular, it’s like a side hustle. Rich focuses on the assets column while the poor focus on the income statement. Assets are like a source of income that can make money for you while you sleep. This is the secret of getting rich. Even Robert Kiyosaki started as a regular employee but now he is a renowned entrepreneur and investor.

Lesson-4: The Power Of Corporations

According to Rich Dad Poor Dad, most of the people spend their life working for governments, for companies, etc. They don’t even get the whole money they work for. With all the tax and deductions employees get less than what they expected. However Rich save themselves from all the taxes and deductions with the power of corporations. Robert Kiyosaki says My Rich dad played the game smart they did it with the power of corporations.

Lesson-5: The Rich Invent Money

Rich People are keen observers they spot an opportunity which no one else is spotted and use it for accumulating fortunes. They never earn money they invent it. According to Robert Kiyosaki, simple math and common sense are the things you need to be successful.

Lesson-6: Work To Learn- Don’t Work For Money

Robert Kiyosaki do some handful number of jobs but his real intention was to excel in some skills like Sales, Trading, etc. Rich people believed in knowing a little about a lot. Because They understand that money is temporary but learning is constant. By learning these skills he accumulating enough wealth that he would not have to work for his entire life.

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