September 28, 2020


Sandeep Maheshwari Story: From A Middle-Class Boy to a Youth Icon

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sandeep maheshwari
Sandeep Maheshwari

Sandeep Maheshwari is the founder and CEO of Images Bazaar. But He is known actually for his Free Life-Changing Seminar. He simply believes

If you have more than what you need Simply give it to those who need it the most

Sandeep Maheshwari

We all see him as a Youth Icon, Motivational Speaker, and as a Genius Entrepreneur but Sandeep Maheshwari does not get his success overnight, He actually earned this with his never give up and forever learning attitude. Let ‘s dig deep into Sandeep’s story and figure out his secret of success.


Sandeep Maheshwari
Sandeep Maheshwari Model

Sandeep Maheshwari born in Delhi on 28-September-1980, His family was into the Aluminum business, which collapsed and which lead to the bad financial condition of his family. The responsibility was on to his shoulder to do something in this crucial time of need. He tried everything he could from Joining the MLM company to selling household products but none of it seem to work, The only thing he has to hold on to was his undying learning attitude.

Career Struggles

Sandeep Maheswari
Life Changing Seminar

Sandeep Maheshwari started modelling early in his college days, Then In his third year, he decided to take a drop from Kirodimal College Delhi University. Attracted by the glamourous Modelling world He decided to go for modelling at the age of 19. There he realized the exploitation and harassment faced by the models. Watching this situation he feels an inner desire to help these countless models. He started small, With only a 2-week course in photography, He started his career as a photographer. With a keen desire to change the modelling world, he set up his company Mash Audio Video Pvt Ltd and started making portfolios.

Three Biggest Failures

Sandeep Maheshwari in lot of his seminar said that he faced a lot of failures before reaching his ultimate success but three of them was really big.

1) Dix-2000

In his modelling days, Sandeep met a person who suggests him to organize an event with him. The deal was very simple Sandeep will handle all the work and that guy will do the investment. The event went really successful, after the event Sandeep asks his partner for his share of profit. he didn’t give him any share of his profit and walk away. It was a huge failure for him.

2) MLM Company

After leaving Photography for a while Sandeep Maheshwari decided to open a Multi-Level Marketing company with three of his friends. The company becomes really successful sales-wise but it closed down within six months due to some differences in the partnership leaving Sandeep without a single rupee in his hands.

3) Reverse Book on Marketing

After the closing of his company, Sandeep went into acute depression. There he realizes that he had quite experience in marketing. He3 decide to sum all of his experience into a book. But the specialty of this book is that It is a reversed book and the reason according to Sandeep is If you can’t change the way you read, How you will change the way you think. That book also resulted in a huge disaster for him.

Hard Work, Pays Off – ImagesBazaar


After his three big failures, Sandeep returns to the world of photography. There he felt that he have to make his name in the industry. He decides to make a world-record after a lot of effort and the learning from his failures he managed the entire event and made the world record by taking 10000 different pictures in just 10 hrs 45 mins.

Even after making the big record in the Photography world, he held that inner fire for helping models. In 2006 he closed his offices and launch Imagesbazaar through which they launch thousands of models without taking a single rupee from them.

But Sandeep’s actual success comes from his passion for sharing his experience and knowledge with others which lead him to start his Free Life-Changing Seminars by which he wants to empower Indian Youth.

Now He is a famous photographer, entrepreneur and a motivational Speaker, He is an inspiration for all of us and We all should take a page from his book.

If you want to know more about Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari Please click here.

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